Parker Smith - The Kam JeanKam in Indigo Snow

Contrary to what most people believe, to get the fit of your skinny jeans right is hard as hell. Like: either they fit perfectly at the waist but are way too tight at the legs. Or the legs are just perfect, but the jeans bag at the butt and the waistband gaps. Or worse even, you can squeeze into your skinnies, but forget about sitting down, or – God forbid – having a dinner date (remember – muffin top, ugh!) Well, I am sure you’ve all been there, done that! 😉

This is why I came to really appreciate this new skinny fit from Parker Smith. As you all probably know by now, I am not really a fan of skinnies, but every once in a while, I just like to leave my boyfriends and drop crotch jeans in the closet and wear some sexy looking jeans. And, as I am so spoiled with the relaxed fit of the boyfriends, I do have a hard time feeling comfy in a pair of skinnies.

The Parker Smith ladies insisted on giving me a pair of their KAM skinny at their last press preview and so, OK, I did give them a try. Ladies, it felt as if I was wearing a pair of silk jeans, no constrictions, no gaping, and, most important, these jeans made my butt look GREAT and my legs look SHAPELY YAY! You need to try one of the Kams yourself.

Here’s what they tell us about their Kam skinny jean:

“The newest addition to our Parker Smith collection is the Kam Skinny. A true mid-rise, the Kam is an incredibly flattering 8.5 inch rise for the woman who prefers a lower rise than our higher 9.25 rise. The Kam currently comes in three washes: Carbon, Dark Knight, and Indigo Snow. For Spring/Summer we’ve expanded the Kam collection to an assortment of distressed skinnies and novelty pieces.”

The Kam skinnies can be purchased online at

Parker Smith - The Kam JeanKam Skinny Dark Knight

Parker Smith - The Kam JeanKam Skinny in Carbon