PRPS Demon raw jeans

Ok, so I thought I would end my PRPS investigation with a more “attainable” pair of jeans. Previously, I reviewed the PRPS Atrium exclusive jeans and a pair from the PRPS Noir limited edition collection. However, this time, I am going to look the PRPS Demon fit raw jeans.

First I will get this out of the way, although still in the premium denim price range, the PRPS line of denim starts at around $350. This is about half the cost of the PRPS Noir line. The PRPS collection is basically the mid-level option for the whole PRPS brand portfolio (with Noir, PRPS and PRPS Goods & Co). The PRPS Demon fit raw jeans come from the original Japanese purple selvedge style made from custom Japanese Nihon Menpu denim. If this is just a bunch of gibberish to you now, all you need to know if that the Nihon Menpu factory has been around for at least 90 years and if you have jeans that say “Made in Japan”, the fabric probably comes from this mill. So despite the PRPS line being mid-range, it doesn’t mean lesser quality.

The Demon fit is listed as a slim mid rise that is not too slouchy or tight but fit just right. In my normal size of 32”, I would actually say that description is pretty accurate. This is one of those fits that can work on a range of people – those looking for a slim straight fit or those looking for something a bit more forgiving than skinny jeans. The Demon fit is just on the right side of slim but still enough to keep a modern silhouette. Basically what I am getting at is that the PRPS Demon fit raw jeans is a pretty universal fit. If i had to compare the fit to another brand,I would immediately remind me of the Cult of Individuality Rocker Slim fit. Both fits are so easy to wear and could be worn all the time with complete comfort.

After getting a chance to experience the other jeans from PRPS, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed with the PRPS Demon fit raw jeans. Not in any way but in the fact that they were raw. Where PRPS really sets themselves apart is with the one-of-a-kind washes and art like approach to creating each pair of jeans. So when a raw pair comes your way, it is almost hard to look at them in a vacuum.  Saying that, the level of quality of the actual fabric still helps solidify the PRPS name as a top denim line. Just looking at the fabric, it meets every expectation one should have from a long standing Japanese mill. The raw indigo fabric is a bright spot against traditional dark raw denim appearing about three shades lighter in color. The purple selvedge fabric doesn’t start out stiff and requires very little breaking-in before easily falling into a tried and true pair.

Since the PRPS Demon fit raw jeans are well raw, there are not as many details to look over as with the previous pairs of PRPS. But there are still plenty of construction details to admire. Staying consistent by pairing function and design, PRPS still lines the back pockets with extra fabric to prevent any wallet breakthroughs that are so common among raw denim wearers. The folded back pocket, a signature style detail for PRPS, is still present and can provide some really nice wear patterns after a few months. The only downside to this pocket design is sometimes my wallet can get caught on the fold and force me to maneuver around a bit to get the wallet back inside. Aside from that, the five button fly features five different colors include purple, silver and copper. It’s a small thing but sometimes it is the small things that make me smile throughout the day. Finally the front pocket bag are actually made of a camo print fabric the provides a nice hidden surprise outside of the normal light canvas color.

Bottom line: The PRPS Demon fit raw jeans from the mid-range PRPS line are a solid universal fit. I stayed true to size and would recommend you do the same since they stretch out slightly after a number of wears. The raw denim doesn’t showcase the handcrafted washes that really makes PRPS special, but the fabric quality makes up for any let-downs. Still a bit on the pricey side but at least you can feel you are getting what you pay for.

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PRPS Demon raw jeans

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