Rihanna in Skinny Ripped Jeans

Rihanna kept it cool in a grey t-shirt and skinny ripped jeans, enjoying some girlie time with with her new BFF, Naomi Campbell, in London. To battle the chilly London weather, she covered up in a full length navy coat. And she opted for a pop of color with bright neon green nails.

This time Rihanna did not shock or anything like it. Her outfit was even kind of “decent” for her! 😉 She was smartly dressed and her skinny cropped jeans fit her perfectly.

We have been seeing a lot of this kind of jeans through the summer months, and I admire Rihanna for braving the cold and wearing them even in this chilly weather.

The jeans seem to be the J Brand Misfits, or the Fury, which is a similar style.

You can buy skinny ripped jeans here.

Rihanna in Skinny Ripped Jeans