Bored With Your Jeans

When I saw adorable Cara Delevingne posing in these awesome jeans, shown above, and it hit me like…. “I SO NEED THESE”, it occurred to me: why don’t I do this myself!!

Do you have jeans in your closet that you almost never wear – mainly because you’re bored with them? Or maybe you’re craving a new pair of expensive designer jeans, but lack the ca$h? Well, there are a few alternatives to make your denim life more exciting without spending any big bucks!

If you’ve got a pair of old jeans that fits you well, try these easy tweaks for “reinventing” them, so they look brand-new and like you shopped designer. We’re here to show you how to transform your boring jeans and take them from basic to bombshell, with these creative ideas for refreshing plain denim. Never get bored again with your jeans!


1. Add Rips and Tears

Bored With Your Jeans

Distressed jeans are a trend that’s not going anywhere. From fashion editors to celebrities, we’ve gotten used to seeing fashionable women wearing denim that’s ripped, torn and even shredded. You could spend money on a pair of pre-ripped jeans from any one of the leading denim designers, but why not save the cash and create them yourself?


2. Crop Your Jeans

Bored With Your Jeans


If you’ve got a pair of skinny jeans that you’re beyond bored with, or you just have too many pairs of identical slim-fitting ones,  here’s a great way to re-purpose those old jeans and create a new style you’ll want to show off. You can alter the length of jeans hems, for an instantly new-looking pair. Depending on your personal style, you can take up the jeans to just above the ankle, to show off legs at their slimmest point. Or crop them higher on calves for a capri-length jean with a vintage, Audrey Hepburn-esque appeal. Either way, your old jeans will look new again. Plus, they’re perfect for wearing to show off your most fabulous shoes. Take jeans to a trusted seamstress or tailor for alterations, or try taking on simple hem fixes – unfinished hems are so right now!


3. Use Iron-On Patches

patch your jeans

Denim with patches and iron-on badges are not only cute, but they also  give you a high-end look. That’s because today, ready-made jeans with these details are typically available from upscale denim collections. You can turn a pair of plain jeans in your wardrobe into trendy, catwalk-inspired denim in a flash, simply by applying iron-on badges. Choose add-ons that match your interests and style, from bands and sports team logos, to badges with quotes that inspire you or make you laugh. Mere minutes later, your dull denim looks transformed and you’ve got a new-look pair of jeans that will spark conversations.


5. Paint Your Jeans


paint your jeans

Do you have a pair of boring skinny or straight-leg jeans that could use a style update? Grab some fabric paints and let your inner Jackson Pollack shine by creating paint spatter effects. For a free-form effect, simply dip skinny paintbrushes in your paint colors and flick them at your jeans. You can also hand-paint jeans in any pattern you choose, for a more considered effect. Or, if you’re not a natural artist, use stencils (find them at hardware or crafting stores) to paint your desired designs onto denim. Remember to protect your work surface with a drop cloth, or work outdoors to avoid unwanted paint dabs on floors and furniture.


splash paint your jeans


6. Add Sequins


add some shimmer
Want to glam up your boring jeans? Sequins add a glamorous sparkle to plain jeans that can instantly transform them into a designer-look pair. People will think you spent big bucks, when you decorate plain Jane denim with sequin patches or patterns you sew on yourself.

One of the reasons why it’s so hard to introduce sequins in our every day wardrobe is because this type of fabric is mainly used in evening wear. But the general every day wear is about a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, right? So why not combine those styles? Remember how last spring was all about ripped jeans underlined with lace? If those two fabrics worked well together I’m sure sequins will do too.


sequins on shorts