Faustine Steinmetz S/S '15

Faustine Steinmetz is a denim brand based in the UK. Their denim pieces are unbelievable, insane and truly unique. I have never seen any denim like this before! When you check out this lookbook, you will so totally understand what I am talking about. Forget about skinny jeans, boyfriends, flares, whatever. Faustine Steinmetz does “woven” jeans, in her own way, with her own fashion sense and totally independent of what fashion dictates. Here is what they tell us about their brand:

“We reproduce everyday pieces, like the forgotten denim found in your dad’s wardrobe, except that we hand make them from scratch.

Not only haute couture dresses deserve hundreds of hours of attention. Industrial pieces, too, can be created using artisan techniques. It is due to this belief that we hand weave our own fabric in our East London studio and why all our pieces are entirely made in the UK.

Our inspiration:

This season we have been inspired by the almighty couture houses and their intrusion into our lives through their countless lines and infinite array of products. Our presentation explores the relation between the product itself and the way in which big houses present it to you. It is all about your perception of the product and how it makes you feel.

Our process:

We replicate mass produced garments by using artisan techniques. Many of the processes used in the craftsmanship of our pieces have existed for thousands of years.

Handmade in the UK, each fabric is worked and finished in our East London studio, with some pieces taking days to complete. As a result all of our pieces are as individual as the people who make them, which is why each piece is labeled with the name of the person who made it. From handwoven and hand-dyed denim to handwoven and hand-embroidered fabrics, each step is completed with great skill and care.

Hand weaving:

All of our handwoven fabrics are made using traditional techniques and are powered by the user; no electricity is used. Everything is woven on large wooden counter-march floor looms, which consist of sets of shafts which are raised or lowered independently of each other by pedals. These shafts create a gap in the warp yarns allowing the weaver to pass weft yarns through the opening to make the fabric.”

About Faustine:

Parisian born Faustine Steinmetz began her studies at Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris before moving to London to complete her Masters in the prestigious Central Saint Martins under the guidance of Professor OBE Louise Wilson.

Having worked for the likes of Jeremy Scott and Henrik Vibskov, Faustine set up her label in early 2013 after acquiring her first handloom. All of Faustine’s pieces are made in accordance with her belief in craftsmanship over trend.

I don’t know about you,but I am just dying to check out these artful pieces myself. I really hope they will be available here in the US someday soon. Meantime you can “enter the waiting list” for Faustine on her website. She is currently totally sold out, but promises to have new pieces available soon for spring.

Faustine Steinmetz S/S '15 Faustine Steinmetz S/S '15 Faustine Steinmetz Faustine Steinmetz Faustine Steinmetz Faustine Steinmetz Faustine Steinmetz