Scandinavian Brand WAVEN

Wåven is a brand that will appeal to a young trend-aware consumer. Wåven’s attitude is defined by an aesthetic that does not rely on extraneous design features that may deter a consumer, but rather a modern and clean ethos that takes inspiration from the Scandinavian design model. They are giving us denim at a super reasonable and affordable price point.

Wåven is motivated by a concern for social responsibilities, and developing communities. It will be openly seen to be donating some of its profits to selected charities that support this position.

About their Spring/Summer 2015 collection:

“Wåven considered the relationship the wearer has with denim. Wåven/s S/S ’15 redefines denim by using it across a full collection in different unexpected shapes and styles. S/S ’15 looks at the nature of denim and the way it feels against skin. We interpreted this in the fabrics we used. Super fine yarns, peached denim and tencels were used to express the versatility of the texture of denim. Nature and disintegration inspired us. This translated into broken and ripped detailing present throughout the collection; this emphasizes the visibility of the skin through the pieces.

We looked into the attitude of denim as a staple, durable material. Wåven believes that denim shouldn’t be limited to bottoms alone; the collection challenges this by diversifying the use of denim across a full collection. The versatility of denim is illustrated through the A-line, boxy shapes and straight edges, showcasing effectively the minimalist contemporary feel which is key to this collection.

M E N ‘ S
Within the collection, the designers make subtle references to work-wear, vintage shapes and silhouettes. This collection uses shapes and heavy layering to incorporate the idea of denim to be part of the modern every day. The collection introduces looser leg fits and a dropped crotch into men’s bottoms; inspired by work-wear, yet pared down and simplified through the Wåven ethos. The styling complements oversized and fitted shapes combined together to create a layered denim combination. Wåven has explored the diversity of denim by making every shape this season a denim staple.”

You can buy Wåven denim at ASOS.

Scandinavian Brand WAVEN

Scandinavian Brand WAVEN