Jennifer Lawrence Spotted in Boyfriend Jeans

I am delighted to finally see Jennifer Lawrence wearing a pair of jeans. I think Jennifer is an exception to most celebs – in the sense of that we almost never see wearing jeans. Whenever I think of her, and visualize her, somehow I always see he in a red carpet fancy long dress!

Jennifer, for once, was snapped wearing a pair of regular boyfriend jeans as she was heading out of a building in the Tribeca neighborhood in NYC. Her jeans are an even, medium blue wash, with no distressing and no rips and almost no fading. Rolled up at the ankle and worn with a pair of leopard printed moccasins, she didn’t look like a super star, but much more like any girl next door. As I had said before, we are too used seeing her in her Haute Couture outfits. And I love the way she looks adorable and natural in her boyfriends.

You can buy boyfriend jeans here.

Jennifer Lawrence Spotted in Boyfriend Jeans


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