KINGPINS Trade Show New York - SOORTY

Kingpins started out in 2004 as a tiny denim supply chain show for folks tired of the mad scramble and soul-deadening crush of handshakes and “who are you’s?” and badge-checking at the huge, impersonal sourcing shows that dominate the industry.

The idea was: keep the exhibitor list tight, invite only the best brands, serve tasty food, treat everyone like family and create an atmosphere that’s conducive for networking and relationship-building. It worked out pretty well.”

So, last year I was invited by the Invista Lycra® guys, and this year I will check out what SOORTY has coming up in new denim for the following seasons. I am so excited about this opportunity, as SOORTY has proven to be so totally innovative, and I am just dying of curiosity what I will see when I visit them at Kingpins next week.