Mavi Serena Jogger in Dark Sporty Review - Front View

The denim world recently took a bit of a hit lately, with many style-savvy individuals falling for the influx of fashionable activewear on the market. Many denim brands took this opportunity to create special lines of ultra-comfortable jeans that really push the limits of what really defines denim. One of the popular styles that several big names have come up with is the denim jogger. Mavi is one of these brands, and I got an opportunity to check one of these pairs out for myself! We all kind of fantasize about going to work or walking around everyday in our pajamas or sweatpants, and for us denim lovers, now it’s a bit more of a reality in disguise. I know this is still quite a new concept to many, so listen in if you’re curious to this Mavi Serena Jogger in Dark Sporty review!

Jeans with no fly and a drawstring…if that’s sparked your curiosity, then you know how I felt when I first heard of these. I mean, most of us probably think of children’s jeans or “mom jeans” when you think of anything with an elastic waist or anything that’s more on the deliberately casual side of denim, but this is an awesome real deal. Joggers aren’t entirely new, really…do a Google search for “denim joggers” and you’ll see a barrage of brands pop up such as Hollister, Elwood, Abercrombie, or Forever21. However, I don’t think I’ve seen a pair quite like this one sent to me from Mavi. The Serena Jogger in Dark Sporty is ridiculously soft and definitely feels more like sweatpants than denim, but they feature the same back and front pockets, as well as a flattering fit, that you would expect from a pair of jeans. They came to me cropped in cuffs in 30″ inseam, but they can be worn uncuffed—this way, they hit right below my ankle. I’ve been wearing them for awhile and all through a lazy Christmas day and I’ve gotta say I’ve fallen in love with them. The waist isn’t elastic, but rather a full-on drawstring deal without a fly or zipper anywhere, although they do still have a faux fly stitch! The waistband is still thick though, so you don’t have to worry about the drawstring cutting into your waist. The drawstrings are the perfect length so they don’t get in the way but are long enough to do a double tie if you prefer to, and don’t easily get tangled or tough to untie during bathroom emergencies! They have an 8″ low-rise (with a 13.5″ back rise), and slightly relaxed, but fitted as mentioned. They are a skinny fit, with an 11″ leg opening and a 13.5″ knee. Even though the 6.5oz, 87.5% Cotton, 11% Polyester fabric is very much like sweatpant material, these jeans have a dark wash with slight fading and whiskering, which makes them feel very incognito! I’ve worn them to work as well, because they really do look like a pair of jeans. You can’t really tell they are different until you feel them. They’ve also kept their shape pretty well. When I’m moving around a lot during the day, squatting and sitting a lot, they do start to soften up but don’t really sag that much, and the knees haven’t bagged out like sweatpants always do. They are very stretchy and bounce back well. I don’t pull them up and tie them very tight (so I wear them a bit lower than the 8″) but if I did, I’m sure they’d be pretty snug all day. They are way too comfortable and casual feeling to want to wear like normal jeans anyway! As far as branding, these have a cute little orangish tan-colored embroidered M on the upper right corner of the right back pocket, and have a cursive “Mavi” embroidered by the left side pocket. All of the stitching throughout this pant matches this pretty orangish tan contrasting thread.

Mavi Serena Jogger in Dark Sporty Review - Back Angle View

This jogger jean concept is a really neat one, and I love it. As mentioned though, I haven’t seen another one like these and they’ve really exceeded my expectations and I am glad to have the chance to review them and add them to my ever-growing denim collection! They were perfect for a full-on lazy family Christmas day but also are denim-like enough to wear them to work or out and about. I’m not so sure about wearing activewear around unless I’m headed to the gym, so this is a great compromise for me…comfortable yet still well put-together. Since they have a usual dark denim wash with whiskering and fading, they can be worn with just about anything but of course, I wouldn’t dress them up or wear them to dinner. If you are obsessed with denim like I am, and can’t see yourself wearing anything else around town (seriously, no leggings or skirts for me, it’s always about the jeans) but are curious about more comfortable alternatives, the Mavi Jogger is an awesome choice, and the Dark Sporty wash will help you look like you’re wearing a traditional pair of jeans! I’m looking forward to wearing these on the next long road trip or flight that I take as well…they’ll be keeping me feeling cozy yet photo-ready the whole way.

You can purchase the Mavi Serena Jogger in Dark Sporty here. It also comes in a Light Sporty wash here!

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