BOSSA Spring/Summer 2016DOCKS

Yeah, this is no typo – Turkish brand BOSSA is already into the spring and summer of 2016! Don’t know why we have never come across this amazing brand before, but hopefully, we’ll be seeing lots of their absolutely rocking denim here moving forward!

SS16 Concepts Of Bossa Denim

“This season Bossa Denim presents three new concepts: Docks, Earthy, and Jewellery, in addition to their ecological RE.SET collection.

The Earthy concept includes balmy stone and natural color denims in indigo warp, as well as totally bleached out colors, and clean looks. In this group,you can also find pale, sun-dried colors that have been developed for a simplified natural look. Creamy vanilla white, soft pastels, and light greys have their place, too. These colors are available in unisex and comfort stretch.

Coating is in a different dimension now. Within the jewellery concept, Bossa applied attractive pearly and soft coatings to denim. Non-fade colors continue and predominate.  Stay-blue (Ultra-Indigo) and stay-dark (Ultra-Black) are resistant to washing, sun, and water, to keep your jeans the same color as you first saw them in the shop.

Another Jewellery feature is unisex bi-stretch fabrics. Even after many washes the denim will maintain its tightness. Within the Jewellery concept, premium-high quality cotton shows its prominence in a silky touch and an elegant look.

Functional denim has its place under the Jewellery umbrella, too. Our functional denim has properties like water- and dirt- repellant, flame-retardant and antibacterial treatments, and all of them done with ecologically safe and certified chemicals. Summing it up, this denim is the product of both ecological and technical innovations. Jewellery, the premium-upgraded product line is irreplaceable and timeless, an expression of personal identity through brilliance.

Inspired from the working class of 1980’s and harbor workers, we developed the Docks concept. This denim supports a lifestyle with mid- and heavy- weight, unisex fabrics. “Factory Blue”, a purplish blue color with a polished look was developed for Docks for the “modern sailor” and the “sailor’s girl friend”. Marine, light grey, and pale blue colors are available for those hot summer days. Inspired by the colors of the ocean, “Bodrum Blue”, a pleasing green-cast color, has been developed, too. We know that everybody needs an anchor for their denim collection and the Docks is just that anchor whenever you need it!

The ecological notion, RE.SET, continues. The use of natural dyestuff, naturally colored and recycled cotton, and ecological/certified chemicals has been taken to another level with this concept. Authentic selvedges and open-end yarns add to the strength of the idea.”

This sounds like such an amazing collection and I am absolutely dying to check it out. Hey BOSSA, where are you in the USA?

{Note, I have been informed that BOSSA is planning to launch here in the United States}

For now, you can check out their collection for this coming season on their website.

BOSSA Spring/Summer 2016DOCKS

BOSSA Spring/Summer 2016EARTHY

docks BOSSA S/S 2016DOCKS


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