Gwen Stefani in Drop Crotch Jeans

Gwen Stefani was snapped not too long ago, again visiting her acupuncture clinic for her daily treatment. This time she had opted for a baggy pair of drop-crotch jeans. Gwen displayed her trendy style, pairing her drop-dead drop crotch jeans (pun intended!) with a snug fitting long sleeve navy sweater emblazoned with patterns of white anchors. She again wore her red stiletto booties which we have spotted on her many times already.

I don’t know the brand of Gwen’s jeans, but if you do, please leave a comment at the end of this post 🙂

Drop crotch jeans are all but impossible to find anywhere this time, but there is this website that has quite a few of them in Asia. If you are like me, crazy enough, then go for it! I always say that in Japan and Korea, you find the best street looks and totally unusual denim styles. But if you really don’t want to go there, here is one that I found at Desigual.

Gwen Stefani in Drop Crotch Jeans


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