Re-Introducing: Norman Russell

Following up with our contributor, Dustin’s, introduction of Norman Russell last year, here is a bit more about the brand.

Norman Russell’s very first season was Holiday 2012. The denim they use is American Selvage Denim from the Cone Mills White Oak plant. Norman Russell basically does 3 fits: A Slim, A Straight, and A Boot Cut.

What I find especially worth mentioning is that they only create 270 pieces per fit per wash and then that style is done for their limited collection. Each pair of jeans comes hand numbered and stamped by Norman Russell. All of their jeans are made in the USA, East Los Angeles, to be exact.

“Norman Russell is a hybrid of names that have run in my family for three generations. Most notable is my grandfather, Norman Lee, who was a huge inspiration for this line and the reason I chose to use American-made selvedge denim. My dad used to tell me stories about how my grandfather would hang his jeans with a metal wire frame inside of them to make sure that they’d be wrinkle- and crease-free when he wore them. But besides his meticulous selvedge denim care-taking, my grandfather was also a boxer in the navy, which is why the brand has a military feel.

Then there’s my father, Rusty, whose given name is Norman Russell. My dad was a tremendous baseball player his entire life. He was recruited by the Kansas City Royals and the New York Yankees out of high school, but passed on the chance to play professionally to go to college and play there instead.

As I grew older, my father became my life coach. He has always taught me to follow my instincts, and to never be afraid of what can and will happen as a result, saying “The greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.” I have taken what he’s taught me and tried to implement it into my day-to-day experiences, my goals and, now, this brand.

At the end of this lineage is my brother, Dustin Russell. Today, he is the inspirational outdoorsman for the brand, and the rugged details in the Norman Russell line are inspired by true adventurers just like him.

Norman Russell is a modern denim brand that takes inspiration from the strength, durability and ruggedness of of generations of denim manufacturing.”

Well, this is a denim brand with an amazing story, based on decades of experience and understanding of denim. We are very curious about the fit and style of these jeans and hope that they will be available in many locations one day. For now, you can purchase Norman Russell jeans on their website.

Re-Introducing: Norman Russell

Re-Introducing: Norman Russell