STRÖM - Skinny Selvedge Jeans
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No matter what fashion websites, magazines and fashion “experts” try to tell us, that skinny jeans are so over, so yesterday, I do not buy it. Skinny jeans have been our BFF since I don’t even remember how many years ago, and we have absolutely no intention of losing our best friend ever! We might achieve new friends, boyfriends (pun intended), slim ones or baggy ones, flares or bootcuts, but we will not lose our skinnies.

Well, then what to do? We all have our stretchy, reform, restore, never-deform and even (let’s admit it!) some sweat, or jogg jeans. But we are so in the mood for some – yes – different kind of skinny jean. Enter the selvedge.

For quite a few seasons we have told you about those incredible “authentic denim” jeans, guys have been wearing them since last century! OK, I agree, a raw, itchy and stiff pair of jeans just isn’t our cup of tea. So here you go, you can have your selvedge jeans now with stretch. Soft, formfitting and so on trend.

STRÖM was one of the first women’s brands to come out with the selvedge jeans with stretch and now they are stronger and more popular than ever. Here are some of their cutest new collection skinnies for this coming spring and summer.

Oh, and remember, you need to cuff these jeans at the ankle, so that those telltale dead giveaway trademark red stitches show. Let everyone know that you are an insider and so right now!

You can buy all these kickass babies on their website.

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