I was very excited about reviewing jeans for STRÖM and couldn’t wait to get the product and start working on my posts. I must say that I wasn’t disappointed when I received the package – all 4 pieces the brand sent me were AWESOME! I loved the first pair I reviewed – the STRÖM Tio Skinnies in Blackbird and the Tio Debossed Skinny Jeans in Rinse, the star of this review, are just as great!

I chose the Tio Debossed Skinny Jeans in Rinse to review earlier rather than later because of their dark, saturated wash. Though they are pretty universal and are great to wear year ‘round they are particularly perfect for the Fall/Winter season. The minimalistic and understated 3D imprint also lends to the multi-seasonal character of the pants. BTW, how awesome is the Debossed effect? Given my enthusiasm for novelty denim I’ve seen and worn a ton of different and unusual looking jeans but never in such a technique – what a truly amazing idea! I love its texture and the “a-la basket” weave pattern that will add an interesting touch even to relatively simple outfits. At the same time it is subtle enough to pair with other prints and various colorways.

I haven’t had a chance to try the Tio before but I must say that I liked them from the first second I put them on. This is a perfectly executed skinny fit that is truly flattering and comfy. The mid-rise construction instantly “takes care” of the stomach area and prevents any “spills” on the sides. The slim throughout leg comes has a 10” opening which is perfect for the 31” inseam – such combination assures that any stacking on the bottom will be pretty compact. Of course if you prefer a cleaner, more stream-lined look you can always alter the length.

These jeans are made from European denim with a 70% cotton, 28% polyester and 2% spandex content. It’s a pretty stretchy material that is not only comfortable but also great in maintaining its original shape and look. This is a medium-weight denim that will be great for various weather conditions; you won’t be sweating bullets on a sunny day in May and won’t freeze your butt off while walking around town in February. I started to really appreciate this after moving to Lugano with its four seasons compared to always fairly warm LA. I immediately realized that my light-weight Cali jeans are not going to cut it right now and have had to put them away for a few months 🙂

The STRÖM Tio Debossed Skinny Jeans in Rinse is a fab pair of denim that is flattering and comfy, unique and original in their design while also easy to outfit – a combination that is hard to beat!

STRÖM Tio Debossed Skinny Jeans in Rinse are available here.


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