Introducing: Believe in Denim

Introducing here Ludovico, an entrepreneur, 20 years old, and London based. He’s a guy with guts who goes after his dream. Ludovico just started his kickstarter campaign and we are so totally rooting for him to succeed.

“For the last 5 months, I and the team at Dallic, Ltd. (a company that I founded) have worked to reinvent the perfect pair of jeans. After 3 weeks of research, we found the perfect company to work with, having more than 20 years of experience in making denim garments.

We chose the best denim on the market, Japanese Selvedge Denim (Kuroki mills), and we redesigned the front pockets to make our jeans more comfortable, more practical and cooler! These jeans are designed to guarantee the highest comfort and quality!

But we also wanted to find a way to make them more useful. So we decided to add a hidden, elastic pocket, which keeps your items safe. It’s perfect for your mobile phone, cards and money!

All this design and work has resulted in a pair of jeans which is casual, dressy, useful and well made at the same time.

It’s available in two different kinds of denim: Blue Kuroki 13.5 OZ and Dark grey Kuroki 13.3 OZ, and in two styles: Slim fit and Classic fit. Designed to be perfect for any kind of occasion.”

Check out this video below – Ludovico tells and shows you all about his new denim brand: Believe in Denim.

Introducing: Believe in Denim

Introducing: Believe in Denim