Jessica Chastain in Black Flare Jeans

Jessica Chastain bundled up with a gray scarf and long, black jacket while out in still freezing New York City. She was so in love holding hands with her beau, Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, as they took a stroll around the neighborhood.

Jessica wore a pair of really cool looking black flare jeans. I love that these jeans are “real” denim and not some twill kind of jeans. The only problem is that Jessica should have worn them with lower heels. When wearing flares, you should always try to have them almost drag along the ground. Flares are supposed to make you look slimmer and taller, and this effect gets lost when you wear them too short.

You can purchase black flare jeans here.

Jessica Chastain in Black Flare Jeans


  1. I’ve seen other articles that say the opposite. You don’t want to bury shoes under that much fabric. They must be off the ground to avoid shredding the hem, tripping over and having an accident. There is such a thing as too short, where the front hem doesn’t graze the top of the shoe, but that’s not happening here. To my eye, these thick heels balance the proportion and look great.

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