Tired of your skinnies and boyfriends? And you feel that flares are just not you? Oh well, no problemo. Enter the slim bootcut. Marc Allison has a perfect explanation why this is an amazing alternative style. Watch this video and read what they tell us about their style suggestion below.

“Fashion: Flares are big this season, moving the skinny jean out of the leading spot it’s held for years. How easy is it for you to let go of that skinny silhouette you so love?

Marc Allison’s Gina, Slim Bootcut is the perfect transition jean, offering the body hugging fit of a skinny through the calf and slightly flaring. This style can be worn inside a boot or out. Looking like a skinny jean, when tucked in, and a boot cut/flare jean when worn out.

It’s the perfect everyday go to jean. Our most popular style due to its fit and versatility. As with all our styles, the Gina slim boot takes technologically advanced yarns to give you all the benefits of Athleisurewear, in a denim.

You’ll find nothing more comfortable or more flattering than a MAJ white slim boot. It is made of 10oz denim with all the benefits of a Marc Allison Jean: 4-way X-FIT stretch fibers, infused with Supima cotton that make for a stunningly flattering fit, extraordinary movement and comfort, with great recovery, so it won’t stretch out. And go ahead and wear a dark undergarment. It’s OK because it won’t show through either! No small accomplishment for a white pant!

MAJ is “debunking” the common belief that comfort and fit in denim are achieved through the pattern. Marc Allison jeans are designed around the belief that the pattern alone can’t offer fit and comfort – the fabric is the key to fit and comfort and complements the pattern – the jean needs to be able to move with the body, retain its shape and look good.

Q: What happens when you combine fashion, technology, and innovation?
A: You get a Marc Allison Jean, the next generation in denim.

Fashion is in constant change. Athleisurewear taught us we can combine fashion and comfort. Marc Allison jeans uses the same concept as Athleisurewear and translates it into denim. Wear our jean 5,6, even 7 time without washing, it won’t bag or sag.”

{FYI: Athleisurewear is the term for combining active wear (like yoga pants), and everyday wear}

And here’s some good news – Marc Allison will be doing a giveaway of their white jeans soon, so stay tuned! And meantime you can purchase Marc Allison jeans on their website.