Street Style - Double Denim Looksa long quilted denim jacket and pinstripe shirt, paired with high waisted cropped jeans

Double Denim can be so very cool if done right. Here are some street looks of ladies that show us beautiful examples of how to wear denim on denim. It’s real, it’s “everyday” life, and not staged or styled for a photo shoot. The secret: you have to choose either two totally different kinds of denim washes, like black and light blue denim. Or, you can use the same tone for both denim pieces, but you need to check carefully if the two colors of the same shade don’t clash. ‘Cause if they do, then it’s denim disaster – guaranteed!

Street Style - Double Denim LooksMaria Dueñas Jacobs mixed her basic jacket and jeans with black-and-white extras: Louis Vuitton boots, a Saint Laurent bag, and a polka-dot scarf.

Street Style - Double Denim Looksa patchwork suede coat looked groovy over crisp wide-leg pants and a lace-up shirt

 Double Denim LooksAnnina Mislin stayed warm in a sculptural bouclé jacket, slim boyfriend jeans and a denim shirt in the same shade of blue as her jeans

Double Denim LooksChiara Totire mixed it up with a wide-brim hat, silk scarf, and socks with sandals

{Images courtesy Tommy Tom and Adam Katz Sinding}