Swedish Brand Dr. Denim

Dr. Denim is an independent, progressive denim brand based in Gothenburg, Sweden, established in 2004. They believe in nontraditional ideas, in taking a path which intuition says is right, but others say is wrong. They say that, to them, denim is a blank canvas that allows them to apply research and creativity.

About Dr. Denim:
“Back in the early days of the 20th century, one of our grandfathers worked in fishery – in a time when life at sea was a path through hard work and treacherous waters towards a dream of a better life and perhaps one day one’s own ship. He built his life around the sea, pursuing his dream to one day have a custom-made wooden fishing trawler built to his specification. When we were young we would sit on his lap and listen to his many stories which were to make a big mark and inspire us deeply. He taught us important values and showed the importance of challenging established truths and going your own way. On the flip side, our other grandfather was a fashion & clothing entrepreneur with a background in documentary filming, hard-working and creatively talented, leaving behind a legacy no less inspiring. And so it came that one sunny day back in 2004, we went astray and devoted our lives to adding an extra pinch of awesomeness to the world of denim by challenging established truths as we continue doing to this day, inspired by our past and optimistic about the future.”

Dr. Denim is a lifestyle brand with many different options to go with their jeans. And the best part – all of their jeans, both for men and women, are selling for $100 and less!

You can purchase Dr. Denim jeans on their website.

Enjoy this video about the essence of Dr. Denim here.