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Introducing: Tonello – Multicolour Laser

Introducing: Tonello – Multicolour Laser

 Tonello - Multicolour Laser

We love being able to post about the newest of the new technologies when it comes to making our denim look even cooler!

“Multicolour Laser is the result of an accurate investigation combining a special resin with Tonello sustainable technologies. The study included several tests with the various parameters of Tonello Laser on different types of fabrics (e.g. cotton, leather, seamless fabric) each one with different kind of finishing and dyes. The “multicolor laser” by Tonello is based on a patent pending process developed by Zaitex under the name “Garment Flash Print” or GFP.

The resin is evenly applied onto the garments through Kit Batik, a special technology ensuring a good penetration and the least waste possible of the product used, which is then permanently imprinted on the fabric through a special setting of Tonello Laser.

All the tests developed have led us to perfect this incredible innovation, which will revolutionize the laser finishing market.

With Tonello Laser, is now possible to create colour and contrast effects on any kind of fabric as with a printer and, by taking advantage of the various functionality of Kit Batik, achieving astounding colour shades on the garment.”

“Multicolour Laser is a true revolution for the laser finishing market because it changes completely the concept of laser itself, until now used only to discolour or cut the fabric.

Thanks to the in-depth study conducted by our Research Centre, we can now colour garments with laser, achieving results never seen before”, commented Flavio Tonello, managing director of Tonello.

To celebrate the new development Tonello Research has created a collection called Prism, which shows the full range of effects achievable by combining the special resin with Tonello technologies.

Tonello - Multicolour Laser Tonello - Multicolour Laser Tonello_Multicolour_Laser_4




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