Vanessa Hudgens in Leather Jeans

An all bundled up Vanessa Hudgens was spotted out in the East Village, in New York City. Even though it’s officially spring already, here in New York, you can still only dream about it, SIGH. She was taking a stroll with her cute dog, Darla, and was joined for the outing by her younger sister Stella.

Vanessa was wearing a a pair of relaxed leather jeans, and probably, no, I am absolutely sure, she wore a couple of layers underneath her pants! I love wearing relaxed or even baggy leather jeans in winter for exactly this reason. Leather itself does not keep you warm, but you can layer some leggings underneath and they won’t stick to the leather – something that does happen to me all the time when I wear leggings underneath my jeans!

You can find leather jeans here.

Vanessa Hudgens in Leather Jeans


  1. If your leather jeans are sticking, you’re wearing them too tight. I’m wearing mine right now and I never need leggings or stockings underneath. They’re very warm and comfortable, and lined to the knee. I bought mine from Metrostyle online. They were affordably priced, and amazingly the leather is soft and my pants look exactly like Vanessa’s. I have a nicer version of her coat too–mine is by Ivanka Trump. It’s black down with a tan fur collar and brass zipper pulls.

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