Australian Denim Revival Show

Australia is set to launch its first denim and urban lifestyle show that will bring artisans, street wear and denim to the forefront of a social shopping experience.

The ‘Hard Graft Pop Up Ateliers Project’ aims to connect consumers with the industry and put the spotlight on local, onshore talent.

The event’s founder, Mish Amedeo Norris, believes that where denim brands once shined in Australia, the climate now is lackluster.

“Australia, once being at the forefront of cotton distribution and Melbourne being the birthplace of many of it’s most iconic & internationally recognized denim brands, we were disappointed to discover a lack of insight acknowledging the local market,  albeit now being close to, if not non existent. Which lead us to partner with SCA Research to commence an extensive insight into the denim culture of Australia.”

Norris believes that the results speak volumes about the dwindling numbers of local denim manufacturers.

“Results showed consumers didn’t only want something new and personal but to be able to build a connection with their purchase. With denim being a staple item across all genders and ages; it became apparent that it was essential we curate a platform to encourage international awareness for local brands, whilst providing international brands with a presence and an opportunity to connect with ardent Australian-based denim consumers.”

Around 20 denim and urban lifestyle brands are set to attend Hard Graft Pop Up Ateliers Project, which promises pop-up stores complete with bespoke-fixtures, live action-based performances, and live showcases of traditional apparel and denim creation processes.

The event will take place at Melbourne’s Regiment Drill Hall building this August 19-23.