CLOSED - F/W '15 Women's Lookbook

German brand CLOSED continues with their traditional Pedal Pusher jeans this coming fall and winter 2015. These jeans are their staple and have been in every CLOSED collection since their very beginning. They have several options, be it higher waisted and straight leg, or the skinny pedal pusher, among others.

From my own experience I can guarantee you two very important facts: the feel of these jeans is very soft and pleasant, they feel like “real” denim, and have very little stretch, if any at all. And the second important fact is that the fit is impeccable. Most of their jeans have some very special seams at the waistband and below, these are the “secret” of a perfectly fitting waistband and butts.

Besides their traditional staples, their new collection also features some super interesting takes of different denim washes in the same pair of jeans (image below), and beautifully tailored denim trousers. These trousers are perfect for a more formal look, or even for you to wear at work.

All in all, this is a complete lifestyle collection, which also includes a lot of very interesting coats, jackets, and sweaters.

The fall and winter collection 2015 will only be available in a few months. But you can buy their current collection on their website.

CLOSED - F/W '15 Women's Lookbook CLOSED - F/W '15 Women's Lookbook

CLOSED - F/W '15 CLOSED - F/W '15