Cult of Individuality Moto Midrise Skinny in Trynca Denim - Front view

Let me start off by introducing myself; my name is Ashley and I am a 27 year old physical therapist living in sunny Florida! I was a competitive gymnast for about 15 years and as you can guess, I am petite in stature! I always had (and still have) difficulty finding jeans that fit me and compliment my size. I know that I am not alone when it comes to feeling frustrated when shopping for denim. Denim that molds to our bodies, is comfortable, and personifies us as an individual is hard to come by. I am excited to share with you a brand called Cult of Individuality which as its name states, recognizes the creative individual within all of us! Cult of Individuality has been producing denim since 2009 with a goal of creating individuality with a fabric that is universal, thus allowing exploration and expression through denim.

The Cult of Individuality Moto Midrise Skinny in Trynca is 98% cotton and 2% spandex, allowing for a little stretch which did occur as the day went on, however the jean was able to maintain its shape without stretching too much. The front rise is 7 ½ inches, the back rise is 12 ¼ inches, and the leg opening is 10¼ inches. The Moto Midrise Skinny in Trynca has a mixture of light and dark washes with distressed areas on the front thighs and back pockets. These jeans are made with extra paneling at the knees to ensure easy bending which made sitting much more comfortable. I didn’t feel restricted in my movements throughout the day, and sometimes I actually forgot that I was wearing jeans because they were so comfortable! Other than comfort, I was surprised at how they shaped my rear! So many jeans can make women look flat in the back but these jeans gave me curves and elongated my legs (which is awesome considering I am only 5’1″)! They held their shape the whole day with just enough stretch to allow for ease of movement.

I chose to pair these jeans with classic Converse sneakers and a more feminine tank to offset the edginess of the denim while out shopping for the day. These jeans would also go great with strappy heels and a chic top for a night out with girlfriends! I know I will be wearing these jeans often because they are just SO comfortable and I felt confident and chic in them! They are unique in their look and really steal the spotlight as part of any outfit which is why I recommend them. A great pair of denim should spark creativity and individuality and allow one to dress outside the box. I have not always been adventurous when it comes to denim, but after wearing the Moto Midrise Skinny in Trynca by Cult of Individuality, I am excited to venture outside my fashion comfort zone!

The Cult of Individuality Moto Midrise Skinny in Trynca, available here.

Cult of Individuality Moto Midrise Skinny in Trynca Denim - Back view

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For as long as I can remember, I have had difficulty fitting into denim due to my petite size. Through my reviews on, I hope to assist others in finding the perfect denim that will give confidence and compliment a woman's frame, even the smallest of them. Although fashion is not my full time job (I am a physical therapist), I believe clothes are a form of expression and who wouldn't want to express how awesome they feel in a great pair of denim?!