Denim Day - How It All Began

Are you all ready to wear your denim next week, on April 29th, the International Denim Day?
And just for those of you who’ve missed it – here is what’s behind the Denim Day and how it came about a few years ago:

It all started when an Italian Supreme court judge dismissed charges against a 45-year-old accused of rape because the 18-year-old victim was wearing tight jeans at the time of the attack. The court’s logic? That jeans as tight as hers cannot be removed without the help of the person wearing them, so the sex must have been consensual.

That decision sparked an international furor, and the Denim Day Campaign was the result. Since 1999 businesses and organizations have donned denim on a specific day to show support for victims of sexual assault. Denim Days this year will take place on Wednesday, April 29.


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