Brooklyn Bandit Jeans Co.{Shown here is Trey in his Brooklyn Bandit Jeans}

We so love denim made in the USA, and I so love denim made in NYC! This is why I couldn’t pass on introducing this NYC brand, Brooklyn Bandit Jeans Co!

About this brand:

“We’re denim aficionados who have been crafting denim in NYC for the past 4 years. Our team [thrives] on innovative design, using modern cuts integrated with unique washes. Our cut and sew collection was recently featured on AMC ‘Better Call Saul,’ and has been a favorite of Trey Songz and P.Diddy for the past few years!

We’ve been working for the past 7 months to create a denim textile with cotton and lycra, which NEVER RIPS! We’ve finally put together the fabric and design, and released our Bedford Collection on Kickstarter last week

Brooklyn Bandit Jeans Co,. a renowned company dealing in quality garments is all set to launch jeans that don’t rip. The production of stock has already started and will be available to customers in about two to three months. The jeans are made of high quality fabrics, using advance techniques that avoid ripping, and increases the life of denim by 400 percent. Special cotton lycra blend is also used for better stretch and that also aids in preventing ripping.

Technology and method used to make jeans assures durability. Double stitching is done so that jeans do not tear from lap or knee. Vintage shuttle looms are used to make the garment. It takes a lot [more] time than modern looming but plays a vital part in increasing the durability of jeans. Denim is pre-shrunk – that avoids shrinkage even after several washes. Cotton and Lycra fabrics are used which makes the jeans comfortable and avoids ripping when stretched due to sitting or bending. Durable hardware used in production of jeans includes zips and buttons that are made in Georgia. All denim is proudly cut and sewn in New York City.

Jeans are available in several colors so that customers can choose their favorite one. Free
custom hem service is provided by the company.”

BKB Jeans Co has launched a special kickstarter campaign as well where a customer can get jeans worth $175 for $95. To get the jeans at the lesser price the customer has to pay for the order in advance. The amount raised from the campaign will be used for completing the production and shipping the orders.

So I am thinking – we ladies who love our shredded, ripped and destroyed jeans, oh well, these beauties here won’t work for us! LOL. But I betcha our boyfriends, hubbies, brothers and dads will so love the idea of having a pair like these! 😉

Brooklyn Bandit Jeans Co.

Brooklyn Bandit Jeans Co.