Jeans Ballgown Anyone, YES Please!

Well, this sure is my very first view of a denim ballgown! KUDOS to Emily! Here’s her story:

“Emily Falkenski, a 16-year-old Red Lion Area Senior High School student, had to make a ball gown and a recycled sewing project for class. She combined the two to make a denim ball gown, using six pairs of jeans, recycled tulle, ribbon and a hula hoop.

The Red Lion Senior High School student signed up for her first sewing class, commonly called clothing class, as a junior high student when she needed to fulfill an art requirement. Three years later, she’s made book bags, skirts and dresses that showcase just a fraction of how much she loves the art of crafting.

Her biggest sewing challenge was given to her earlier this year when she was required to make both a ball gown and complete a recycled sewing project. So, she combined them both, and she’ll be wearing a denim ball gown to her boyfriend’s, Danny Myers Jr, West York High School prom.”

Pretty awesome, isn’t it!