STRÖM Ouzo in Crush Review

I am a little sad because this is the last review in my STRÖM post “series” and I’ve really enjoyed working on every single one of them. Today I’ll tell you about perhaps the most interesting and original piece out of the four I received, the STRÖM Ouzo in Crush, which I absolutely adore!

Ouzo is a very unexpected and unique take on the so-in-trend skirt/short hybrid, a.k.a. skort. However here the designers took a more unusual and in fact quite opposite approach to the typical skort. Instead of meshing together two different bottoms into one, Ouzo actually offers two completely diverse and defined pieces. From a slim-fitting pencil skirt it transforms into a relaxed over-the-knee short with the easy glide of a zipper. Both ways are very cool and absolutely complete without even a hint on compromise in style. The beautiful medium-to-dark wash with intense distressing and paint stains looks awesome on rigid denim and perfectly suits this exclusive design. Large, a-la work wear pockets, bulky long zippers and thick contrast stitching are ideal finishing touches that add to the Ouzo’s edgy vibe.

Before receiving this piece and trying it on I couldn’t stop wondering about the fit: is it flattering at all and is it comfortable? Let’s be honest – how many normal skirts and shorts on the market fit terribly?! A ton! And Ouzo is certainly not simple… Nonetheless STRÖM didn’t disappoint and they clearly “nailed” such a complex piece. The high-waisted Ouzo is equally flattering in both short and skirt variations as well as equally comfortable. I like its sexy, slim fit and how nicely it shapes up my butt when the zippers are fully closed. When unzipped it is totally easy and even more forgiving to your body and with the wide waistband a few extra “winter” pounds won’t be noticed at all. With that said I believe the addition of a second button on the side would provide a flatter fit around the waist. I am thinking about sewing in a tiny hidden snap for that.  By the way, of course you can always play around with those front and back zips and maybe even do a skirt with a “slit”.

Ouzo comes in regular jean sizes and my 24 fits very well. Though the skirt option was pretty tight when I first tried it on after 30 min of wear it loosened up just right – don’t forget that this is 100% cotton, rigid denim and therefore it’ll stretch a bit. Oh and don’t be afraid of the word “rigid”; although it doesn’t have elastaine this fabric is very soft and has a nice hand feel just like all of STRÖM’s denims. The inner side inserts are done in thinner, chambray-like fabric which makes Ouzo even comfier 🙂

Always fresh and innovative STRÖM never stops proving its excellence – consistently fantastic fits, great attention to details and original designs that you girls have to experience for yourselves!

STRÖM Ouzo in Crush is available here.

STRÖM Ouzo in Crush Review

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Elena Zueva-Smith
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