Denim Expert BlueXonly Skinny Painted Jeans - Front view

So pleased to bring you another review, this time from an awesome company I have recently learned all about featuring some of the most comfortable denim I have ever experienced!  Denim Expert Ltd is a Netherlands/Bangladesh joint company that has been manufacturing world class denim since 1999. The company began with just 4 employees and has grown to 2000 employees and they produce approximately 9 million garments each year. It’s awesome that I get to try denim from around the world and seeing as Bangladesh is only second to China in garment exports, it seems fitting to review jeans from a company with roots there! These particular jeans that I am wearing come from a brand of Denim Expert called BlueXonly. BlueXonly is a European brand and they pride themselves on their timeless, hand crafted, quality denim. BlueXonly jeans are treated and washed to give them a vintage look and each one is made to look unique with various details such as their buttons and rivets stamped with “bxo”. I am excited to share with you the Denim Expert BlueXonly Skinny Painted Jeans.

The Denim Expert BlueXonly Skinny Painted Jeans fit true to size and were extremely comfortable. They were easy to move in and maintained their shape throughout wearing. One unique feature is the “painted on” colors which range from yellow to red to varying shades of blue. These jeans also are distressed in a few areas in the front as well as on the back pockets. Another feature that is different from all the other denim that I own is the style of the belt loops. The two loops on the sides are angled which would help keep the jeans in place better should you choose to wear a belt. This pair of denim had great breathe-ability; I did not feel hot in them during 80 degree weather. I would consider these low rise jeans with an approximate rise of 7″ and in inseam of 30″. For us shorter gals, cuffing the bottom creates a more customized length and allows for more options regarding footwear.

Denim Expert BlueXonly Skinny Painted Jeans - Back view

When I first received the BlueXonly Skinny Painted Jeans, one phrase came to mind; eye-catching! I was a little skeptical as to how these jeans would look on me because of all the colors but as soon as I put them on and saw how great they looked and felt, I had a hard time choosing what to wear with them! The colors in the jeans matched pretty much everything in my closet! After much debate, I chose a neon green top with a contrasting dark bandeau under to bring out the bright hues of the jeans and nude heels to keep the jeans as the focal point of the outfit. I cuffed the bottom and loved how long my legs looked! I received so many compliments from both genders and it made me realize how unique and likable this brand could be. Although these exact jeans are not found on the website, there are plenty of other styles by Denim Expert that are sure to please any consumer! If these jeans are an indication of what is to come, I am excited for Denim Expert. This is a growing company that plans to continue expanding for the next 10 years creating timeless, unique denim.

Denim Expert BlueXonly Jeans available here.

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Ashley Robinson
For as long as I can remember, I have had difficulty fitting into denim due to my petite size. Through my reviews on, I hope to assist others in finding the perfect denim that will give confidence and compliment a woman's frame, even the smallest of them. Although fashion is not my full time job (I am a physical therapist), I believe clothes are a form of expression and who wouldn't want to express how awesome they feel in a great pair of denim?!