Fun Facts From Marc Allison Jeans

Do you ever wonder why your jeans lose their color?

If you take one thread of dyed cotton yarn and look at it under a microscope, one would notice all the cotton had transformed from white into a color. But when you examine a cotton thread dyed with indigo, see picture, and peak under a microscope, it becomes obvious the indigo dye does not have the capability of penetrating the cotton. What actually happens is the indigo dye wraps around the cotton. When you look at the cross section of the dyed yarn you will notice white cotton on the inside and indigo dye on the outside. That is why when you wash denim, or abrade a jean, it begins to turn white. The indigo is chipping away and the white cotton is being exposed.
The water in the washing machine is not the major reason your jean is losing its color. The biggest concern is the jean banging against the walls of the washer and dryer. If your desire is for your jeans to retain their original appearance, the easiest solution is to wash them inside out.

Where did the word denim come from?

Denim is a twill fabric. It derives from the French, serge-means twill, de-from, and Nimes-a town in France. English-translates to Denim (de Nimes)

What is Pima Cotton and why care?

Fun Facts From Marc Allison Jeans

Cotton is rated by staple, which refers to the length of one fiber of cotton. A regular cotton staple is approximately 1″ while a Pima cotton staple is approximately 2″.
So why is this so important?
First, the longer the fibers the stronger they are when they are twisted into yarn, and secondly the less ends there are sticking up from each staple, the softer the yarn. This makes Pima compared to regular cotton staple the softest, strongest, finest cotton in the world.

Pima cotton usually costs approximately 30% more then regular staple cotton, but your body understands the difference.

How is X-Fit technology reinventing the jean?

Fun Facts From Marc Allison Jeans

Most Women’s jeans stretch in the width, but with the advent of an innovative yarn from the Lycra Company, which happens to be superior to Lycra, we are able to add stretch in the length (X-Fit) of the fabric. This gives a jean the capability of functioning and feeling like an athleisurewear garment, but looking like a jean.
Wow, fashion and comfort !

About Marc Allison Jeans

We combined the technology of X-Fit with the wonders of Pima offering a stunningly flattering fit, extraordinary movement and comfort with great recovery; the next generation in denim.
Feel The Fit Experience The Difference.