Helen Mirren in Blue Jeans

Helen Mirren was spotted in a nail bar in SoHo, New York City. She looked casual in a pair of straight leg jeans, paired with a white t-shirt layered underneath a zip-up cardigan, and topping off her look with a pair of vibrant red flip flops.

Cradling a cup of coffee, the actress showed off her bare-faced beauty without a scrap of make-up, and wore her short silver hair in a straight bed-head style.

I absolutely love to be able to prove once more that denim is age-less. Denim is everywhere and worn by everybody, be it by the toddler next door, Kim Kardashian, or Dame Helen, or even President Obama! Is there any other clothing piece that you can say the same thing about LOL?!!

Helen Mirren in Blue Jeans


  1. Thank you for featuring this lovely lady with dignity. Most bloggers poke fun at women of a certain age with the label “Mom Jeans”, after that tired and outdated SNL skit.

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