A New Chapter For Denim

Mosevic is a collaboration between two friends from Cornwall, England with a passion for invention and originality. Their first product range, launching Summer/Autumn 2015 has been born from a determination to create something extraordinary: Solid Denim Sunglasses.

Inspired by the mavericks out there, the folks that challenge the norm and step beyond the boundaries, the team has spent years in the workshop pioneering, exploring and inventing. Now they are ready to introduce Mosevic and the first range of Solid Denim Sunglasses to the world.

Denim has been an emblem of innovation for every generation, defining culture in ways even the most notable of icons, could only dream. The Mosevic team has taken the rich heritage of denim to the next stage. Formed from layers of denim infused with resin, their sunglasses are made from a material they call “Solid Denim.”

Ranging from 3 denim layers on the thinnest parts of the arms to 10 layers on the thickest parts of the frames, these sunglasses are tactile, striking and built for exceptional comfort and style.

Launching on Kickstarter

The Mosevic team is now ready to launch the brand and introduce themselves to the world on Kickstarter, thus bringing the next chapter of denim to light. Continue to check their website for their official launch.

The Kickstarter campaign is now live!