Q/A With Marc Allison - Marc Allison Jeans

Marc Allison Jeans have been slowly, but surely on the rise. Since we, @Denimology, have started working more frequently with them, we have come to really appreciate what they are doing for the denim world, for the denim lovers. We wanted to know what exactly is it that makes their jeans so unique and different, and here is what they are telling us:

– “The trendy new look, combining active wear and everyday wear (termed athleleisure wear), introduced us to a new paradigm in fashion: comfort. Athleleisure garments show us fashion, and comfort can coexist. But wait, we are in a fashion world, and the only guarantee in fashion is change and after experiencing an athleleisure garment, women may no longer be willing to forgo comfort.

So, what about jeans? Are woman walking away from them because they can’t experience the same type of comfort? Does this mean jeans will follow the way of the Dinosaur? Imagine jeans no longer being a major part of American fashion. Denim is a key part of fashion’s very foundation.

For denim to stay on top, it also needs to evolve. Women will be reluctant to divert back to being a “contortionist” just so they can look sexy in an uncomfortable jean, or any other garment that omits comfort from fashion. Which is what makes a Marc Allison jean the perfect choice. Marc Allison Jeans is referred to as “the next generation in denim” for a reason. We combine fashion, fit and comfort with each style. We knew the day would come when the savvy woman would insist on comfort. So we came up with a technologically advanced concept of using an innovative yarn that preforms like a knit, wrapped it with pima cotton which happens to be the finest, softest, strongest cotton in the world and developed a jean that simulates an athleleisure garment, while offering diversity in fashion. Just stepping into a Marc Allison jean screams “comfort.”

So what is the take away – in our opinion, Denim isn’t going anywhere – it is evolving. It can’t go out of fashion because it’s more than just in fashion. It is a key part of fashion’s very foundation. However, what women expect from denim can certainly shift towards comfort and MAJ has answered that call.” –

Q: What are your trend predictions for next year?
A: Denim is cyclical. The life cycle is usually eight years. We are entering the fifth year of denim not being a fashion forward trend. The alternative, athleleisure wear, has taken the market by storm. That being said, other then comfort, the savvy consumer is going to seek out change. My prediction is denim will continue the arduous climb that seems to have begun this season, to once again become the primary part of ones wardrobe, but, it must be innovative. Basic 98% cotton/2% lycra won’t cut it.

Q: We already own skinny, super skinnies and boyfriend jeans. What will be the next big style?
A: It is not very often a new style will electrify the country. I do however believe that as the consumer transitions from athleleisure wear back to denim, she will insist on comfort. The days of pulling on a skin tight pair of jeans to look good, but feel uncomfortable, are over. When a woman goes into the dressing room and takes off her leggings, that jean better be comfortable, or it is going to stay on the floor of the dressing room.

Q: In terms of denim, do you have any new materials in mind?
A: Marc Allison Jeans was born realizing the consumer demands fashion, but just as important is comfort. We strongly believe that to be a premium jean manufacture, the fabric must be exceptional. Every jean in our collection uses only pima cotton, the finest, softest, strongest cotton in the world along with our technologically advanced T-400 yarn, which give gives the jean not only comfort, but stability. A Marc Allison Jean can be worn five, six, even seven times in succession and it won’t lose its shape. Though this innovative fabric is astronomically expensive we never let cost get in the way of fit, comfort, or fashion.

Q: Do you believe and agree that generally women are kind of getting tired of too much stretch and are ready for more “authentic” denim, maybe even selvedge?
A: On the contrary, as I mentioned, to transition from athleleisure wear to denim, comfort is paramount. Though there are exceptions with loose fitting jeans, boyfriend cut, we believe that comfort in denim will be synonymous with fashion.

Q: Will prints again be strong in the next few years?
A: Personally, I think prints are fun. There is always a place in one’s closet for a unique piece, but if the economy remains somewhat sluggish, woman will be cautious in their purchases. A common company slogan we use, MAJ Everyday, came about because we want your MAJ jean to be your “go to” jean. They are classic, and stunning. To use an analogy; our competitors are like a fine violin and we are a Stradivarius.

Q: What is your personal favorite denim style and why?
A: My personal favorite jean is the slim boot by MAJ. It is a versatile garment. It can be worn inside or out of a boot. We designed it to fit like a skinny to the calf, and then slightly flair to approximately two inches wider then a straight leg. Boot cut styles are widely know as a flattering cut and as a woman matures the slight flair at the bottom balances out her figure.

Q: Which person living or dead would you most like to see in a pair of your jeans?
A: Certainly it is always fun to see a famous person in our jeans, but there is nothing more invigorating then seeing any woman strolling down the street in my jeans. Invariably I will approach her to gather information on the pros and cons of the jean. When she conveys they are the best pair of jeans she has ever owned, Wow, what a high!

Q: What special “denim advice” would you like to give to our readers?
A: Never settle, When you purchase a garment think fashion, fit, and comfort. If it is lacking any of the three, the garment will spend more time in your closet then on your body.

Q: And last, but not least – is there anything else you would like to add for our readers:-)
A: I am always asked, there are hundreds of premium jean companies throughout the world, so what makes Marc Allison Jeans so special? When one steps into our jean they may not say we are using the most expensive cotton in the world, they won’t think to themselves this technologically innovative fabric is amazing, and they won’t even realize we spend forty percent more on washes they our competitors. What they will say is “I just found my new favorite brand.”