Rihanna in Dior Men's Wear Jeans

Sensory overload! Rihanna rocks a pair of men’s wear baggy jeans and a floor-length fringed jacket for her riveting performance on “Saturday Night Live’s” 40th season finale. It was the pop diva’s fifth time appearing on the NBC sketch program, which was hosted by comedian Louis C.K.

Rihanna covered her long red wig with a floral headscarf, and accessorized the outfit with hoop earrings. chain necklaces, and two belts as she performed with four back-up dancers. Yep, 2 belts! Riri’s stylist has been incorporating menswear into the Dior spokesmodel’s wardrobe since 2011, and he loves the use of 2 belts at the same time. As Rihanna stated in her Vogue interview last year: “I love baggy things. I wear men’s clothes, men’s shoes, oxfords, creepers…. You can do anything with a great jacket, the bigger the better. You can have any silhouette underneath. It gives you an attitude. It makes a gown look cool.”

I can’t deny that Riri has a point here, I love this look!

Rihanna in Dior Men's Wear Jeans


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