Beyonce in Tiny Denim Shorts

Queen Bey was at it again.

Beyonce posted a collection of pictures – some from a recent vacation – some just random photos – which featured the singer looking all sorts of delicious. And while there wasn’t a bad picture in the bunch, there was one set of photos that had the internet talking.

Yes, Beyonce showing off her booty cheeks in a pair of Daisy Dukes shorts.

I mean, we all love short, shorts right? And there’s no doubt these tiny shorts couldn’t get any shorter if you tried because there’s a whole lot of Beyonce butt cheek spilling out of those cut off shorts.

Only Beyonce could pull off this daring, sexy look! Not only was she rocking a seriously short pair of denim cut-offs, but she also looked stylish with a leather moto jacket. In fact, the only thing that gave her flawless legs a run for their money during the outing was the gold embroidery on the leather jacket!