Bittersweet Colours in Parker Smith

The white jean…such a bane of the existence of many denim lovers…but no matter what, they always come up. I’d say white jeans are almost like the flare jean…one of those styles that we all want to try, but just aren’t quite sure. One of the main reasons most are afraid of white denim is the fact that they show every speck of dirt so well, or that they stain easily, or sometimes yellow after multiple wears or washes. But fear not! We spotted blogger Veronica of Bittersweet Colours in Parker Smith, showing us there’s no reason to fear this look! The Parker Smith jean she’s wearing is the Ava Skinny in Eternal White. This jean is made from an eco-friendly modal blend that is designed to maintain its bright white color without ever yellowing or fading. Veronica pairs them in an all white and pink getup, with a pretty silk blazer, pink pumps and a bright pink bag. Keeping it down to two colors really brings out that white…she’s truly fearless, no?

Bittersweet Colours in Parker Smith 2

Shop the Parker Smith Ava Skinny in Eternal White here, and view Veronica’s blog post here!