Closed Pedal Slim X Green Edge Selvedge Denim

“Great, another review on another pair of selvedge raw denim…same old same old” That is what you might be thinking right now but trust me, you are wrong! The Closed Pedal Slim X Green Edge Selvedge denim isn’t your ordinary pair of raw denim jeans but something you should want to take a closer look at.

Slim fit, low waist, Japanese 13.25 oz denim…pretty standard language. But when I actually put them on, the Closed Pedal Slim X Green Edge Selvedge denim becomes a completely extraordinary pair of jeans.

First off, this doesn’t feel like a 13,25 oz denim, which some would classify on the heavy weight side of the line. Closed has achieved a flexible and very comfortable pair of jeans with heavier and non-stretch denim. The kind of pair that denim purists and fashion conscious can both agree on. In addition, the lighter natural indigo coloring is a refreshing take on the darker raw denim always seen from many other brands. Although the darker raw jeans have more dramatic fading potential, I love the look of the lighter dye right from day one. The green selvedge line is a bit understated against the lighter hue of the denim but that really doesn’t make a difference for me.

I chose a 31” waist after looking over the size chart and model recommendations which I am so happy with. By going one size down from what I believe is my normal size, I was actually able to get the exact fit I was hoping for. Although Closed states these jeans are a slim fit, the 31” waist actually fits me like they were made to be skinny…which I much prefer! If you had the chance to read any of my other review or bio, I am always on a quest to find a great pair of skinny jeans that I can wear all the time. It took me 2 years to break in a pair of Nudies to that desired level and the only other pair so far I found that I love from the start is from Neuw. Now Closed has rightfully jumped up to the top with the Closed Pedal Slim X Green Edge Selvedge denim. I honestly want to wear these all the time.

Another nice subtle touch is the Closed label that runs along the fly. It is rather subtle but what is added to the look is a more elongated rise that helps the jeans come across with a more laid back vibe. Worn in the right way, it could give the impression of a slight drop crotch without actually being cut that way. Amazing what a carefully placed label can achieve – similiar to why the placement of a tie bar is also so important (little side note there).

Bottom line: Overall I am thoroughly impressed and pleasantly surprised by the Closed Pedal Slim X Green Edge Selvedge denim. They look rich without be obnoxious and laid back without be lazy. I would highly recommend going smaller on the sizing for a skinny fit which works out perfectly. If you stay true to size then you will acheive the look Closed shows on their website so the choice is fully yours to make!

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Closed Pedal Slim X Green Edge Selvedge Denim