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It’s hard to deny the perks of online shopping, especially the unbeatable convenience and vast options of retailers. However, any woman who has shopped online for denim has likely encountered the frustrations around guessing which pair and size will actually fit. The wrong choice means dealing with returns and trying again, if you even feel up for it.

But it looks like two women are out to change all of this. Rian Buckley and Bri Cooley, two women who, through their modeling careers, saw a real disconnect between what they would shoot and how the product was portrayed to consumers. Between clothespins and tailoring, to Photoshop and retouches, the image the consumer saw was a very altered version of reality.

Out of this epiphany, Fitcode was born. The Seattle-based fashion tech company aims to help change the way women shop for jeans online by shifting the focus from size to fit. Jean-ius, right? It makes sense when you think about it because sizing varies by style, brand and even the color or wash of the denim. You could be a 26 in one pair, but also a 27 or even a 28 in another.

The way it works is, women can access from their computer, tablet, or mobile device, to take a fit quiz and determine their Fitcode. The fit quiz—four questions— helps Fitcode learn about your body type and current fit headaches to best determine which of the nine unique Fitcodes is right for you.

Find Your Perfect Denim Fit Online - The Fitcode

Once a Fitcode is established, you can shop a curated set of denim from partner brands directly on the site, under Denim Boutique. Or, for more options, you can also install a Fitcode plugin to shop on the partner retail sites.

Perhaps the most unique and beneficial feature is that Fitcode hand-measures all of its jeans and standardizes them in the fit details page so you can see inseam, waist, hip, and even rise measurements for the brands offered. Fitcode can also suggest the best size for you in each jean and offers videos of other women with your same Fitcode wearing the denim, so you can answer the question, “but will these look good on someone like me?” before you hit “buy”.

Fitcode is actively expanding its list of denim partners, and currently, shoppers can browse the following brands on the site, or using the browser plugin directly on the retailer site:

7 for all Mankind
Citizens of Humanity
J Brand
JOE’s Jeans
Kut from the Kloth
Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (NYDJ)

Fitcode is gearing up for a public launch July 14, though shoppers can currently enjoy it in beta.

Find Your Perfect Denim Fit Online - The Fitcode


  1. You are very welcome!!! This concept is truly awesome and we wish you all the best to totally succeed!! So many women are so lost when it comes to finding the right fit.

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