Fran Denim - Jeans for Those Who Lift

Our company has been in the denim business since 1997.  We’ve always been innovators and trend leaders since the beginning and pride ourselves in making a quality product with an incredible fit that our customers love to wear over and over again.  We’ve built our business on this premise and don’t know how to make a garment any other way.

My first exposure to CrossFit was in 2012.  I tried it on a whim when my friend told me about a crazy workout that he wanted to try.  Before that I had been riding a couch for way too long and wanted to try something to get in shape.  I was blown away.  My first workout was Karen and it almost killed me.  I’ve never felt so depleted in my life, but in some sadistic way, I wanted more.  Thus began my journey with CrossFit and a passion that keeps growing.  Like many others, I drank the cool aid.

Over the two years that I’ve been part of the CrossFit community, I realized that women who do CrossFit are different.  The passion they possess is intoxicating.  The fire within them shows a determination that is unquenchable.  All the hard work they put in result in bodies that are truly works of art.  Like the saying goes, they are the definition of “strong is the new sexy”.

Why Fran Denim?  Because the fashion industry was ignoring this new breed of woman; the woman that doesn’t care what the world sees as beautiful but knows that health and strength are more important in how they perceive themselves and how others see them.  The proportions of these new strong women put traditional fit specs on its ear so we began reconstructing a new jean.  For the first 8 months we added, reduced, changed curves, and fine tuned the fit so it would accent the hard work and dedication you put in.  We experimented with new fabrics, details, and washes to create the perfect jean for the fit woman.  The result is Fran Denim.  A denim line made specifically for the woman who is redefining beautiful.