Kanye West Performs in Double Denim

Thousands of revelers watched in awe, as Kanye West delivered a mesmerizing performance at at the  Glastonbury Festival in England. Despite the brief presence of a stage invader – comedian Lee Nelson {see above} – Kanye continued his set without any interruption.

There was denim, a lot of it. Ripped, stained and controversially eye-catching, complete with a jacket, which he wore, pretty unnecessary,  wrapped around his waist.

For all we knew, he could’ve been draped in high fashion garments (Balmain perhaps?).  Nevertheless, everybody had something to say about it. And there were the inevitable suggestions, that Yeezy took fashion aspiration from a hard-working laborer.

But all jokes aside, surely Kanye wouldn’t stoop so low as to commit THAT cardinal sin of repeating an outfit?!  (Kim Kardashian wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the same shreds twice, right!).

We just had to check… and it wasn’t. This wasn’t Mr West’s outfit from the Wireless Festival last year.

Kanye West Performs in Double Denim