Lady Gaga in High Waist Denim Shorts

Scantily-clad Lady Gaga steps out in just her white lace bra and tiny hi rise denim shorts… before taking things a step further and going topless to grab pizza

She’s no stranger to wearing next to nothing, but Lady Gaga hit a new level of flesh-flashing when she ditched her bra and bared her whole boob to the unsuspecting public.

The US singer stepped out in nothing but a skimpy white bra and tiny denim shorts yesterday, but then she upped the ante and removed her underwear completely on a late night visit to a fast food shop.

Just wondering…. is it really necessary for a talented lady like her, to become – yep – low level enough to flash her assets in the Kardashian style?

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Lady Gaga in High Waist Denim Shorts