Nicole Alyse in Blank NYC Patchwork Jeans

Denim trends come and go but patchwork denim seems to be one of those trends that always seems to float around like a bouy in the bay…bobbing up and down with the tides but never really sinking! We love this look, and Blank NYC is one of those brands that helps keep this cool freshly-repaired and laid back look alive. We spotted blogger Nicole Alyse in Blank NYC, wearing the Skinny Boy in Patch Things Up. This boyfriend style really brings on a chill, vintage appeal, and Nicole finishes the look with some tan booties and a relaxed off-the-shoulder pink top. Summer is just around the corner and it’s the right time for these loose fitting looks to hit the streets! The Skinny Boy in Patch Things Up has a mixed combo of differently patterned patches and distressing to keep you feeling breezy. Snatch these up for a beachy, California girl look here! You can always count on Blank NYC for these perfect weekend looks with a touch of edge.

View Nicole’s Instagram post featuring this look here.

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I’ve been quite the denim fanatic for several years now, and am happy to apply this passion to something that I can share with others. I am also a graphic designer/web developer and have done design work for two of the biggest designer boutiques in town, which is partly to blame for the 100 plus pairs of jeans I now own in my collection! It always fascinates me how much can be done with the denim fabric alone, and the constant innovations will always keep me hooked.