Triarchy Black Matte-Leather Skinny Jeans - Front view

Sometimes a distributor tells me exactly which style of denim I will be reviewing, but sometimes as in this case, I am only told the brand name and get to be surprised when I open the package!  I was extremely excited when I saw this style and color because these jeans are UNLIKE any other that I own. As I’ve said in previous posts, I had a pretty boring taste in denim, mostly because it was difficult for me to find denim that fit right and felt good on so I stuck to the basics. I am introduced to new brands through these reviews and although I had never heard of Triarchy, I did some research and got to know the company pretty well. Triarchy was founded by two brothers and their sister with a motto of “remembering to enjoy the journey of life in comfort and style.” They are originally from Vancouver but the company is based out of LA. I read an interview with the founders of Triarchy and what makes them stand out is their demographic. They have seen people of all ages identify with their jeans and they pride themselves on the realism of their denim and they believe denim should be able to withstand an adventurous lifestyle. The Triarchy Black Matte-Leather Skinny Jeans are truly one of a kind as this company proves to be in every way.

The Triarchy Black Matte-Leather Skinny Jeans are 42% tencel, 33% cotton, 15% rayon, 9% polyester, and 1% lycra providing ultimate comfort without sacrificing their perfect fit. These are mid-rise jeans with a 6” leg opening and approx. 33” inseam. They feature hand stitched pockets as well as an embroidered label which says “Thank you for wearing Triarchy jeans” which illustrates the sincerity of the brand. The black matte-leather has a shimmery, almost snakelike look to it, making them more than just black denim. Often times, jeans will sag and stretch out after sitting or constant moving however these Triarchy jeans maintained their shape throughout wearing while still stretching to accommodate for various activities such as sitting or climbing stairs. I loved the way these jeans hugged every inch of my rear and my legs (which often doesn’t happen since my legs are pretty skinny). So far, all the denim I have reviewed have been a size 25 and I would have to say that this size 25 was the most forgiving in the waist area; I felt comfortable when sitting and didn’t feel restricted or like I needed to unbutton after I ate! 🙂

Triarchy Black Matte-Leather Skinny Jeans - Back view

I paired these jeans with very high wedges to help elongate my legs and I debated on cuffing the bottoms because they are super long on me but in the end, I decided not to cuff them. Black is naturally slimming and high wedges add a bit of length to my shortened stature. I felt sexy in these jeans and they can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I’m sure I’ll be gravitating toward these jeans many times into the fall/winter because they are just so comfortable! Triarchy truly has made a name for themselves and I am excited that I get to represent such a special company when I wear these jeans. The Triarchy Black Matte-Leather Skinny Jeans really are a great staple to have in any wardrobe because they can be worn for so many different occasions!

The Triarchy Black Matte-Leather Skinny Jeans available here.

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