CLOSED - Introducing the Power Stretch

Some amazing denim news from German brand CLOSED – they have launched a new stretch denim that has up to 75% of power stretch. In other words, these jeans are the CLOSED “answer” to all that fuss about athleisure-wear. Which – btw – I never was too much a fan of.

Here’s what the CLOSED guys tell us about their new denim:

– “We have two different Power Stretch styles: The Skinny Pusher and the Lizzy (skinny fit and up to 75% Elasticity).

This denim has been handmade in Italy, with a special kind of Elasthan, which gives everyone the freedom to move anyway and anytime they want without their jeans losing their shape.” –

We love the CLOSED original pedal pusher jeans, can’t wait to try out this style in the power stretch!

CLOSED - Introducing the Power Stretch