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Diego Milano Dark Number 027 Jeans Review

Diego Milano Dark Number 027 Jeans Review

Diego Milano Dark Number 027 jeans

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind pair of jeans, then your search should end with Diego Milano. A new brand, at least to me, Diego Milano uses fabric sourced in the US, designs created in New York and brought to life in Arizona. The brand’s denim selection includes some of the most outrageous and unique styles I have ever seen. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Diego Milano Dark Number 027 jeans and explore what makes them stand out in the world of blue jeans.

For one, you have to respect the ambition behind many of the styles. The Diego Milano Dark Number 027 jeans takes the idea of workwear but translates it to workwear for the wealthy. The double back pockets, right side cargo pocket and inner leg accordion stacking all take the functional elements of work pants but mixes it with leather detailing and high end styling seen only in luxury fashion. It is this attention to detail and design that demonstrates a clear vision and aesthetic to these jeans. Although designed in New York, I can still feel an influence of the southwest coming through.

The Dark series of offerings from Diego Milano contains a few pairs of midnight black and leather type jeans for both men and women. To add to the night time attitude, the Diego Milano Dark Number 027 jeans also have a subtle wax coating that always kicks up the a darker pair of denim. Most of the time this also adds a level of stiffness to a pair of jeans which is not the case with the Dark Number 027 jeans. They still maintain a level of softness and movement unexpected from a heavier weight detailed jean.

Moving to the fit I went with a size 30 waist which fit with no problem at all. Normally I wear a 31 or 32” inch but that was not an option with Diego Milano. So I took at look at the size chart and it seems like the measurements on the 30” option match many other brands 31/32. In any case, the very flexible stretch fabric also helped to make sure the smaller size fit comfortably. What I was a bit shocked by was the room I had in the straight leg fit. Perhaps this is because I have been reviewing and normally wear slim or skinny fits but the straight leg is just not flattering on me at all. I have smaller sized legs and with all the extra fabric the inner leg coiling adds, I was a bit bottom heavy. The length on the jeans, at least for the size 30, was spot on and hit right wear jeans of this kind should hit – so at least there was no stacking at the bottom which would have really thrown off the look.

Bottom Line: Although the Diego Milano Dark Number 027 jeans don’t fall directly into my wheelhouse, I can clearly respect the work and craftsmanship that went into making an innovative pair of jeans. The jeans do seem to run big so choose your size accordingly, keeping in mind there is also a good amount of stretch to the fabric. If you are looking for a truly unique pair of jeans, Diego Milano have you covered.

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Diego Milano Dark Number 027 jeans