Q/A with Lindsey Schoen and Michelle Yu of SCHOEN by Yu

Lindsey Schoen (fit model for Paige, James Perse and William Rast), and Michelle Yu (Creator of Divine Rights of Denim, designer for Jimmy Taverniti, Guess, and William Rast), debuted their rock cool denim brand, SCHOEN by YU, just recently.

Born from a combined twenty years of denim experience, it is safe to say they know a thing or two about denim. Consisting of elegant hardware, luxurious fabrics, and slimming silhouettes, SCHOEN by YU is the brand to know. Made in Los Angeles and named top skinny by VOGUE, SCHOEN by YU is quickly becoming a celebrity favorite as spotted on Kate Hudson, Gisele Bündchen, and Victoria Beckham. With a cult-like following, this brand is poised to be an industry favorite. Try on a pair and you’ll understand why. A pair of Schoen by Yu jeans is a must in any chic girl’s closet. Follow them on instagram at @SCHOENBYU to see what all the hype is about!

We were curious about what the SCHOEN by YU ladies think about actual and future denim and here is what they tell us:

Q: What are your trend predictions for next year?

​I predict a change in fibers. Light-weight denim. Classic and clean.

​Michelle: With the prevalence of fast fashion these past few years, I see premium denim making a comeback and people looking for fresh, unique pieces and/or well-tailored, quality pieces.  Nothing makes you appreciate truly premium denim more than thinking you got a deal on jeans and having it stretch-out or fall apart after a few washes.

Q: We already own skinny, super skinnies and boyfriend jeans. What will be the next big style?

Lindsey: ​The flare. Everyone is scared of this style, but it is so flattering. Hide a huge heel under it, and you like a super model. It’s my personal favorite from our collection. The Bombshell.

Michelle: Since we started over a year ago, we have really believed in the flared silhouette making a comeback.  The skinny fit is really not the best fit for all body types and I think the flare will really speak to these customers.​ The SCHOEN by YU “bombshell” jean is a modern day interpretation of the flared silhouette in terms of fit and proportions. It is not a direct inspiration of the 70s fit and flare. You’ll have to try it to see!

Q: In terms of denim, do you have any new materials in mind?

Lindsey: Loving lightweight denim.

Michelle: There are constantly new fabrications emerging in the denim industry.  Mills are expected to bring something new to the table every season and the European mills are especially good at this.  There are new techniques in coating and improvements to durability and stretch that have definitely caught my eye.

Q: Do you believe and agree that generally women are kind of getting tired of too much stretch and are ready for more “authentic” denim, maybe even selvedge?

Lindsey: Women will never be tired of stretch. It is comfortable. And we do so much in a day it is important to feel good about our appearance, but more importantly…to be comfortable. My Dad used to always say, “Function over Fashion Linz.” So we try to incorporate the “function” in our design so that we can have both.

Michelle: I think comfort will always be an integral​ part of a women’s purchasing decision so stretch will never go out.  However, anything more than 2% stretch has never appealed to the premium customer. Selvedge definitely has it’s place depending on the target demo and associated fit.

Q: Will prints still be strong for the next few years?

Lindsey: ​It will stay strong on the runway. It won’t stay strong with consumers. People crave a clean classic that is a staple to their wardrobe.

Michelle: Yes, I believe print will always be around but done in a more sophisticated way using new techniques.​

Q: What are your predictions for the men’s denim?

Michelle: The men’s denim industry has always played it pretty safe. But what I’ve noticed with my step-son’s twenty-something generation is there willingness to try things that past generations may have never considered such as super slim fits, prints, colors, jogger styles, etc. I love this new found freedom and diversity in men’s denim and I believe it will continue.

Q: Do you believe in stretch jeans for men?

Michelle: Only for skinny fits. Otherwise, I personally prefer rigid denim on men.​

Q: What is your personal favorite denim style and why?

Lindsey: The flare. It get’s so much attention.

Michelle: I like all sorts of denim depending on my mood and the occasion. That’s the great thing about denim, it can be whatever you make it to be.​

Q: Which person living or dead would you most like to see in a pair of your jeans?

Lindsey: When Michelle and I saw Kate Hudson wearing SCHOEN by YU it was surreal. Everybody loves Kate. She is America’s sweetheart.

Michelle: Nothing excites me more than seeing women on the street in SCHOEN by YU jeans. A great pair of jeans will be able to make real women of various shapes and sizes look their very best.​

Q: Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

Lindsey: I see SCHOEN by YU setting the standard for luxury denim. Raising the bar for quality, and making the consumer understand what a pair of premium jeans looks and feels like.

Michelle: We started the company with five great, timeless pieces and now that we have that covered, the upcoming seasons will be all about taking risks and looking at denim with fresh eyes.

Q: What special “denim advice” you would like to give to our readers?

Lindsey: Buy the jean you want to wear everyday. Premium denim will last you a lifetime. Don’t settle.

Michelle: Fit and fabric is everything. With so many options available nowadays, your jeans should make you look and feel like a million bucks.​

Q: And last, but not least – is there anything else you would like to add for our readers? 🙂

Lindsey: Always be yourself, unless you can be better. Then be better.

Michelle: Experiment with denim and look at it with fresh eyes. It is the sole piece of clothing that can really take you anywhere from weekend to workwear. Yves Saint Laurent perfectly stated what make denim so special:  “…​the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.”