SOORTY Launches Nascent Color and Technologies

“Black Forever” means that this black will stay black even after several launderings

SOORTY introduced its newly launched denim colors and technologies at the New York Kingpins Show. This new collection is a perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality. You will be “wearing” all these beautiful colors in a couple of years!

But we, @ Denimology love to bring the future to the presence. SOORTY will be manufacturing some of their jeans especially for our reviewers, so that they will be able to tell us about these new materials way before anyone else gets his hands on them ta ta!!

SOORTY Launches Nascent Color and Technologies

“Sage Blue” is inspired by sage plant which has unique blue flowers. Sage blue color is a blend of blue flowers and green leaves.

SOORTY Launches Nascent Color and Technologies

“Onyx Black” is inspired by the onyx stone which is mostly used in jewelry because of its smooth and waxy luster.

Full Blue

“Full Blue” is a rich blue color. It is magnetism guaranteed

Crystal Blue Logo

“Crystal Blue” is a color with shine, depth and look similar to a crystal