STRÖM Loop Shirt and Ziggy Zip Shorts Double Denim - full front view

Denim lovers of the world, today I am especially ecstatic to be sharing with you a review for two of my most favorite things on this planet; denim and…DENIM! It’s that simple, wearing double denim gives you instant “cool girl” points! Its effortless, timeless, and above all else, its indescribably sexy. All of us here at Denimology love all things denim (obviously), but when we see double denim looks or even better, “triple” denim… we just can’t contain ourselves! In our  most recent posts, there has been a lot of double to triple denim action going on, and you wont be able to resist this trend. Especially with so much amazing denim in the market right now, and that includes these 2 pieces from STRÖM brand. So read on for a STRÖM Loop Shirt and Ziggy Zip Shorts Double Denim review!

If you tend to frequent these reviews you’ve come to notice that we love us a good pair of STRÖM jeans. Past, present and future this Swedish born brand  always delivers the most classic, and innovative silhouettes and washes, and the fact that they make every piece in America, well that is just the icing on the cake! So when I was told I would be reviewing, not one but two pieces from STRÖM brand…and at the same time for that matter! I jumped right “outta” my clothes!

So lets do this, starting from the “top”: STRÖM’s Loop Shirt in Hay is as fashionable and comfortable as you can get! This relaxed fitting button front shirt is lightweight and comes in a light vintage wash that has a slight ombre effect at the hem (the wash looks even better in person). The raw frayed hem around the exposed shoulders is also a nice touch and it definitely adds the the cool factor. The “relaxed” fit description on  STRÖM‘s website is no joke, it really is what it says it is, and my usual size small, felt and fit like a medium (some of you will definitely appreciate that, after all, it is meant to be loose fitting right!) Unfortunately, I felt it was bit too much fabric for my petite frame, and the length of the sleeves was just a tad bit too long and wide, so I decided to try an XS, and voila! problem solved! It just so happens, that the XS still had that relaxed fit it was intended to have, but this time it felt more my size. When it comes down to the sizing, it’s going to depend on how you like your shirts to fit. I say, try your usual size along with a smaller option, then “pick your poison”. Believe me, its going to be tough choice, they will both look great and its going to come down to personal preference! Moving along to the details of this shirt: The
exposed shoulders are way sexy, and while it gives you some edge it completely transforms your average denim shirt into the ULTIMATE denim shirt! The Loop Shirt also features a front pocket on the left chest. However, this is not your typical front pocket because the designers have placed this functional pocket on the inside of the shirt, and that is an indicator that these folks  are not average and they definitely know how to have some fun!

When it comes down to it, STRÖM‘s Loop Shirt in Hay has got it going on *snapping fingers*  I am a huge fan of tops with exposed shoulders, aka “cold shoulders”.  So with the revamp of this classic denim shirt, I would say Strom’s Loop Shirt is a keeper! And if this wasn’t enough to get those shoulders “shimming” wait till you read about the ultimate pairing piece for this top, the Ziggy Zip shorts.

When I was told to pick a pair of shorts to wear with this shirt, I knew from the beginning I would have a difficult time making up my mind. STRÖM carries so many great styles, and each one compliments the other so beautifully. But I knew when I saw the Ziggy Zip shorts, that these were going to be it! To be honest with you, it was the side zippers on these that sold me! The size I received was a 26 and the overall fit was not extremely tight nor were they loose. The fit was just right; true to size for sure! If you want to get real specific, these came with a 2″ inseam, and an 8″ front rise, which sat right below my belly button. The back pockets were perfectly placed and the medium wash on these paired effortlessly with The Loop Shirt. There was very little grinding and light whiskers at the hip and in my opion, it had the just the right amount of character. The denim fabric was some”good stuff” which consisted of 92%cotton, 6%polyester, and 2% elastane. Held its shape nicely and had a good “hand”. Oh,  and lets not forget the zippers! My most favorite thing on these “Ziggy’s”! The zippers are sewn right into the side seams and are fully functional, so if you were feeling frisky you would be able to  zip these bad boys all the way up and let those legs show! However, I am not entirely sure if they are intended to be worn like this,  I was just just having way too much fun thinking of all the possibilities.

To sum things up, the Loop Shirt and the Ziggy Zip shorts are in my opinion,  two of the most quintessential pieces to add to your wardrobe. When combined, they make for a killer outfit, and if you choose to wear them separately that works too…that my friends is the beauty of denim and reason why we love it so! You can buy the Loop shirt here and the Ziggy Zip Shorts here!

STRÖM Loop Shirt and Ziggy Zip Shorts Double Denim -full back view