Susanne Jonsson in BLANKNYC Shorts

Summer’s not over yet, so BLANKNYC‘s reign over fashion bloggers everywhere hasn’t yet ceased! These fringy and destroyed shorts have been all over Instagram and the festival circuit, and it’s no question why…the brand excels at such a wide collection of premium styles for a non-premium price. One of the latest to be found is blogger Susanne Jonsson in BLANKNYC Shorts. She’s wearing the BLANKNYC Short in Way Harsh, which is actually currently on sale! These have a totally laid back look to them, but Susanne dresses them up with some gorgeous fringy heels, a chic black bag and basic white v-neck tee. Sometimes less is more and this effortless look is a perfect example!

Susanne Jonsson in BLANKNYC Shorts - Closeup

Grab the BLANKNYC Short in Way Harsh here, and view Susanne’s blog post for more images and information about her look here.