Will Peltz and Kenya Kinski-Jones for Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s advertising strategy relies on a simple, time-tested formula: Take some hot young celebrities and models, remove most of their clothing, and boom, you’ve got a billboard to stop traffic. Recent campaigns involved Kendall Jenner in a thong and Justin Bieber showing off his tattoos. But for fall, the brand is taking the sex-sells mantra in a new direction with its denim campaign, partnering with Tinder on a series of ads about sexting.

The images, shot by Mario Sorrenti, still feature plenty of hot bodies, but this time, text – as in, an actual text message – sits front and center, inviting viewers to imagine they’re creeping on private conversations. Adding to the voyeurism, one of the campaign images stars a real-life couple, actor Will Peltz and his girlfriend Kenya Kinski-Jones, daughter of Quincy Jones and actress Nastassja Kinski. They’re pictured canoodling under an emoji-heavy text exchange in which a guy asks his girlfriend not to come home quite yet because he’s bringing home a date. An asterisk at the bottom notes, “Inspired by actual events and people.”